How Hypochlorous Acid Can Help You Keep Harmful Bacteria Away from Your Plants

Hypochlorous acid is an organic chemical substance that provides powerful sanitation and disinfection for a myriad of uses. This includes everything from sanitization of medical and surgical tools, water treatments, food preparation surfaces, and plant hydroponic systems. And interestingly enough, it’s even part of your immune system! Your white blood cells produce the substance to ward off infection. 

Hypochlorous Acid vs. Chlorine

Hypochlorous acid is derived naturally through electrolysis to create the common disinfectant chemical, chlorine, but is much less toxic and over 100 times more effective than bleach as a sanitizing solution. Hypochlorous acid is similar to chlorine when it’s added to something like a pool to disinfect the water and kill bacteria. But hypochlorous acid provides a much safer way to kill pathogens without affecting the health of living things, such as plants. 

When hypochlorous acid is used in irrigation systems and hydroponic systems, it can disinfect the water to prevent the spread of diseases that can kill plants. At the right concentration, it is a safe and effective tool to keep your plants protected from the threat of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. 

According to the USDA, hypochlorous acid is “as effective as any chlorine treatment,” and is much less dangerous and more environmentally friendly than chlorine or bleach. It is also known to kill fungi and is safe to spray on a wide variety of plant species, including bedding plants grown in greenhouse environments. It is also much less corrosive to stainless steel materials when applied than other chlorine compounds.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is a common chemical used in cleaning supplies and is a powerful detergent that fights against viruses, fungi, and endotoxins. It also is a common chemical used as a sanitation agent in hospital settings. In the gardening and farming world, sodium hydroxide can serve as a powerful cleaning component for greenhouses and gardening equipment.

Our Two-Part Cleaning and Sanitizing System, Hydricide

The first step in the process is the use of sodium hydroxide. With a high pH of up to 11.5, it acts as a strong detergent that reduces surface tension and condensation. 

The second step is sanitizing with hypochlorous acid. This new technology produces pure HOCL powerful enough to retain disinfecting power for several months, while other products may degrade in minutes or days.

The two-step system allows hemp growers a safe way to achieve dramatic cleanliness in their greenhouse surfaces and tools.

Hemp Performance Nutrients looks forward to optimizing the product for use as a pesticide and hydration system. This technology It is currently under review by the EPA .


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