Hybrid Technology:

A microbiology friendly & bioavailable mineral base, with high quality organic inputs.

CANNA THRIVE is our patented Calcium, Magnesium and Iron blend, fused with soluble bio-available Silica! We’ve also added a humic/fulvic blend to combine 4 products into one for maximum plant health and resilience. 

GANJA PRIME is a mineral/organic hybrid base nutrient, microbe food, and foliar spray concentrate that is designed for fast growing cannabis. This product contains a proprietary blend of naturally derived acids that promote vigorous vegetative growth.

SATIVA BLOOM is an all-in-one hybrid bloom nutrient, microbe food, and commercial concentrate that is designed for heavy flowering cannabis. Sativa Bloom contains naturally derived sea kelp and carbohydrates that supports bloom stage growth. 

TRICHOME RIPE is a hybrid bloom finishing nutrient and microbe food that contributes to prolific blooming. TRICHOME RIPE contains a propriety blend of naturally derived acids and primary nutrients, which cannabis craves during ripening stages.

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3-0-0 Canna Thrive (2.5 gallon bottle) $108.90
10-8-20 Ganja Prime (25 lb bag) $116.60
4-32-24 Sativa Bloom (25 lb bag) $129.80
0-25-35 Trichome Ripe (25 lb bag) $135.30
ActiV Enzymes (2.5 gallon bottle) $118.80
Hydricide High pH Wetting Agent (2.5 gallons) $73.70
Hydricide Low pH Cleanser (2.5 Gallons) $73.70

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