Top Hemp-Made Industries in 2021

  Hemp is a source of a lot of innovation these days. We did a little digging and compiled a list of  just a few of the top hemp industries in 2021.  Hemp Building Materials The construction business is seeing a hemp boom. Hempcrete, as the name suggests, is a building material similar to concrete,

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Hybrid Bloom Science: How Phosphorus and Potassium work together with beneficial bacteria and yeast to increase yield and quality.

Growers are often testing ways to make their favorite cultivar pack on weight and improve quality. Most farmers and gardeners know the two key macronutrients you need to get you there: phosphorus and potassium.  It’s now common knowledge that hemp/cannabis needs different combinations of nutrients during the vegetative and bloom stages of the plant life

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Severe Heat Damaging Crops and the Role Silica Plays in Plant Protection & Growth

Unprecedented heat this summer across the Northwest United States continues to damage crops and reduce expected yields. According to Green Matters, many farmers across industries expect half of what they tend to produce every year in yield size. This includes wheat crops, safflower seeds, fruits and vegetables, among others. According to a study performed by

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Shipping Costs Increasing, Contributing to Inflation

Online shopping has become bigger than ever. As Covid-19 swept through the world, more and more people restricted their shopping to online only. This produced a massive spike in e-commerce sales, which while a great thing for the profit margins of big corporations like Amazon and Walmart, left small and mid-sized companies reeling.  That’s because

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Vero Beach, FL (June 22, 2021) – Hemp Performance Technologies, Inc.(the first and now largest supplier of hemp-specific fertilizers on the Eastern Coast) made its latest acquisition of California-based Love Plants, Inc. the manufacturer of Love Trees plant nutrients. Growing demand for Love Trees soluble granular fertilizers at 75+ hydroponic storefront locations throughout the United States

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