Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizer: Why A Hybrid Feeding System is What Your Plants Need

It’s a common question that many gardeners and farmers ask: should I use organic or synthetic nutrients for my plants? Though some may have you believe that organic is the only way to grow healthy, strong crops, adding the right amount of synthetic fertilizer can produce amazing results. 

Nutrients Your Plants Need

Plants require a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to grow. While organic fertilizers glean animal and plant sources like blood meal, compost, bat guano, manure, seaweed, and worm castings, synthetic fertilizers use human-made compounds like ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, and potassium sulfate. Organic compounds also come with trace nutrients like iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, boron, selenium and sulfur that help with plant growth. 

Why Organic?

Organic nutrients develop a soil that is rich with active microbes, micronutrients like calcium and protein and trace nutrients that help to grow strong plant roots. The organic nutrients help to breed an environment where beneficial microbes digest nitrogen aiding in the health and growth of the plant. The natural healthy soil this creates limits the need for pesticides and herbicides. It also limits the need for water, as a healthy soil can improve water filtration and absorption. 

Why Synthetic?

Synthetic nutrients provide a control for the grower in knowing exactly what they are putting into their crops. They can pretty accurately inject the right synthetic nutrient into the soil to address whatever issues their plants are having. Synthetic nutrients work wonders for needier plants like tomatoes that require more nutrients and attention than other more self-sufficient plants. They also are cheaper and faster-acting than organic nutrients, which often take much longer to achieve results. 

Why Both?

Blending synthetic and organic nutrients into your feeding program will help you build a strong soil ecosystem for your plants to thrive in and also control and produce quality yields at a cheaper and faster rate. Where organic nutrients help to create a sustainable, healthy soil in which the roots of the plants can thrive, synthetic nutrients will help address specific concerns in the growth of the plants without taking a long time. 

Why Hybrid Performance?

Our Hybrid Performance Line provides a microbiology-friendly, bioavailable mineral base with high quality organic inputs. It brings the best of both worlds together in an easy-to-follow four-step process that helps grow your plants from feed to seed.

CANNA THRIVE is our patented Calcium, Magnesium and Iron blend, fused with soluble bio-available Silica! We’ve also added a humic/fulvic blend to combine 4 products into one for maximum plant health and resilience. 

GANJA PRIME is a mineral/organic hybrid base nutrient, microbe food, and foliar spray concentrate that is designed for fast growing cannabis. This product contains a proprietary blend of naturally derived acids that promote vigorous vegetative growth.

SATIVA BLOOM is an all-in-one hybrid bloom nutrient, microbe food, and commercial concentrate that is designed for heavy flowering cannabis. Sativa Bloom contains naturally derived sea kelp and carbohydrates that supports bloom stage growth. 

TRICHOME RIPE is a hybrid bloom finishing nutrient and microbe food that contributes to prolific blooming. TRICHOME RIPE contains a propriety blend of naturally derived acids and primary nutrients, which cannabis craves during ripening stages.

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