Vero Beach, FL (June 22, 2021) – Hemp Performance Technologies, Inc.(the first and now largest supplier of hemp-specific fertilizers on the Eastern Coast) made its latest acquisition of California-based Love Plants, Inc. the manufacturer of Love Trees plant nutrients.

Growing demand for Love Trees soluble granular fertilizers at 75+ hydroponic storefront locations throughout the United States and United Kingdom prompted Hemp Performance Technologies, Inc. to make the offer. 

“We worked with Love Trees on a few projects and we really liked what we saw,” said Travis Wentworth, Cofounder of Hemp Performance Technologies, Inc. “They built a line of great products and have strong relationships on the West Coast. We feel that with our resources and combined team, Hemp Performance Nutrients will take the Love Trees brand to the next level.”

Hemp Performance Nutrients will offer Love Trees’ microbial tea liquid products, including the patented Cal-Si-Mag, alongside Hemp Performance Nutrients’ organic, conventional and hybrid product lines. All granular products previously offered by Love Trees will be rebranded and distributed under the Hemp Performance Nutrients logo.

“It was important to Love Trees to keep in mind the best interests of our customers who have been with us from the beginning. We are excited to expand our operations and look forward to giving the same if not better experience in purchasing and using our products,” said Farhan Lilani, CEO of Love Trees.

Love Trees customers will also benefit from additional services offered by Hemp Performance Nutrients including in-house agronomist support and custom-built feeding programs. Hemp Performance Nutrients will continue to provide the same level of service Love Trees customers have come to expect. 

The acquisition includes expanding operations with an additional manufacturing location. Love Trees’ full team of 19 employees will join Hemp Performance Technologies, Inc. team as part of the transition, while the founders will stay on in an advisory role. Love Trees Liquids will continue to be sold and distributed through all current storefront locations and distributors. In addition, Hemp Performance Nutrients will soon offer Love Trees Liquids through their website (hpnutrients.com). For more information about the acquisition, please contact Travis Wentworth at travis@hpnutrients.com or 877-559-4367. 

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