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Visalia, CA (March 16, 2021) – A new two-part cleaning and sanitization system from Hemp Performance Nutrients promises to improve hemp production standards for hemp growers.

The product, called Hydricide, incorporates two powerful cleaning and disinfecting agents. Both products are derived through a patented Nanobubble electrolysis process, are 100% non-toxic and won’t jeopardize farmers on strict pesticide residual compliance testing. 

The two products are designed to be used in tandem. The first, Hydricide sodium hydroxide, with a high pH of up to 11.5, acts as a strong detergent that reduces surface tension and condensation. 

The second is hypochlorous acid, a powerful disinfectant standardly used in most hospitals that kills fungus, bacteria and viruses. This new technology produces pure HOCL powerful enough to retain disinfecting power for several months, while other products may degrade in minutes or days.

The two-step system allows hemp growers a safe way to achieve dramatic cleanliness in their greenhouse surfaces and tools.

Hemp Performance Nutrients looks forward to optimizing the product for use as a pesticide and hydration system. It is currently under review by the EPA.

Hydricide is available for purchase online at hpnutrients.com. For more information on Hydricide or other Hemp Performance Nutrients products, please contact travis@hpnutrients.com.


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